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AC Street Light System

Street lighting in most of the towns and cities in India are poor maintained and energy inefficient. There is tremendous potential for the improvement in maintenance practices and for the energy conservation with improved O & M practices and with energy efficient retrofits. Bright Up LED Lighting gives you a well designed street lighting or public lighting or outdoor lighting should permit users of road at night to move about with the greatest possible safety and comfort so that the traffic capacity of the road at night is as much equal as possible that planned for the daytime. Efficiently designed street lighting enables the driver to see distinctly and drive safely to reach the destination. Generally used HPSV Light will have lighting distribution over-lights the area directly beneath the luminary creating hot spots in order to maintain minimum levels further away. LED luminary maintains minimum light levels across all spacing while significantly increasing overall uniformity.

Comparison Chart: High Pressure Sodium vs. LED Lights

Parameter HPSV LED
Electric Performance Electric Shock Easy (High Voltage) Safe (Low Voltage)
Working Life Short (5,000 hours) Quite Long (50,000 hours)
Power Consumption Quite High Quite Low
Startup Speed Quite Slow (Over 10 minutes) Rapid (2 seconds)
Optical Efficiency Low High
Color Temperature Quite Low (Yellow Or Amber , Uncomfortable) Ideal Color Temperature (Comfortable)
Light Pollution Strong No
Environment Pollution Contains Lead Element Etc. No
Maintenance Cost High Quite Low


  • High efficient LEDs are used with
  • 100lum/Watt Long life
  • 50,000hrs Casing has IP5 Over voltage & over current protection 6 Degree Protection Environmental friendly with no carbon compounds decompostion in Light output

Model & Rating

Sl No
Model No
Mounting Height
Distance between
Two poles
Equvalen power of HPSV/MH
24W AC 48 LED Streetlight Luminary 24SLAC 5 to 7 m 10 to 15 m 48 W
30W AC 60LED Streetlight Luminary 30SLAC 5 to 7 m 10 to 15 m 60 W
45 W AC 90LED Streetlight Luminary 45SLAC 7 to 9 m 15 to 20 m 90 W
60W AC 120LED Streetlight Luminary 60SLAC 7 to 9 m 15 to 20 m 120 W
90W AC 90LED Streetlight Luminary 90SLAC 9 to11 m 15 to 20 m 180 W
120 W AC 120LED Streetlight Luminary 120SLAC 9 to 11 m 15 to 20 m 240 W

Technical Specifications

Parameters 24 W Luminary 30W Luminary 45 W Luminary 60W Luminary 90W Luminary 120 W Luminary
LED Power consumption
24 W
30 W
45 W
60 W
90 W
120 W
Lumens Output
2400 lumens
3000 lumens
4500 lumens
6000 lumens
9000 lumens
12000 lumens
Power Consumption for Electronics
16 W
Operating Voltage AC 120-265V
Frequency 50 Hz
Efficiency 100lum/watt
Center Luminance 70 lux@4m, 30 lux@6m, 15 lux@8m
Working Life 50,000hrs
Electronics Efficiency 85%
Working Temperature -10 to 50 0 C
Light body and Lamp Shade Aluminum Die-cast Body, glass covering on front end.
CRI 70
CCT 5700-6500 K
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