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Design and Engineering Services

For our EPC partners and distribution customers, Hygrid Power has developed a full-service Design & Engineering Division, specializing in renewable energy and sustainable design solutions. Our mission is to provide agile service and accurate construction documentation, balancing your expectations of quality with the respect and urgency they deserve. We provide comprehensive engineered construction drawings for the integration of PV systems, contract documentation and local permitting authorization.

Our commitment to excellence is achieved by our hand-picked team of engineers, designers and analysts. We come from a variety of backgrounds with a comprehensive set of skills to give you the best design & engineering support for your dollar. Hygrid Power knows that providing the best solutions for our clients is a collaborative effort and we take great pride in our team’s ability to seamlessly integrate our design standards with your project.

What you can expect from us?

  • Best professional designs at reasonable price
  • Site drawings
  • Minimize your cost, get Customized  project designs Complete professional solution for each project

Stage-I: Preliminary Design & Engineering/Pre-Enquiry Support

From conceptual system overlays on satellite imagery or customer provided CAD files, our designers will help you select feasible locations for solar and determine preliminary system size and configuration. The Feasibility Study gathers information needed to pursue a PV project and assess its physical viability by identifying design constraints. Our engineers provide guidance in the selection of system components to provide you the best solution for your site. It can also be used to develop a preliminary bill of materials used to estimate project costs or be included in your technical response to an RFP. Major items that we cover will as follows:

  • Preliminary System Size and Configuration
  • Selection of system components
  • Generation Assessment based on PVsyst
  • Preliminary Bill of Material and Quantity
  • Project Report

Stage-II: Detailed Design & Engineering/Post Order Support

Our engineers specify every element of your solar generation system from modules and inverters to nuts and bolts. We cover all the aspects of DC and AC Electrical, civil and structural Engineering. Major Drawing and documents comprises:

  • Shadow Analysis
  • System Layouts
  • Wiring Diagrams- DC/ AC
  • BOM and Project Cost
  • Generation Assessments in Detailed
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Structure Drawing and Foundation Layout
  • Earthing and Lightning Arrestor
  • AJB and ACDB Details with protection
  • Cable Sizing and Cable Scheduling
  • Specification of Component
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