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Solar Power Packs

We are a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Solar Power Pack. The Solar Power Pack can run a total load in the house on solar power. The solar charging bank, battery bank, sine wave inverter with high efficiency controller unit, they all together known as Solar Power Pack. The Solar Power Pack is available from 1 kW to 5 KW models.

Features No electricity required
High load carrying capacity

Easy to use

Different packs available

  1KWp 2KWp 3KWp 4KWp 5KWp
Salar PV Module ( HYGRD Make) 1000Wp 2000Wp 3000Wp 4000Wp 5000Wp
Salar Hybrid PCU With MPPT Change Controller 24V /1KVA 48V /2KVA 24V /3KVA 48V /4KVA 96V /5KVA
Solar Tubular Battery 24V /300Ah 48V /200Ah 48V /300Ah 48V /400Ah 96V /300Ah
Golvaniezed Mounting Structure YES YES YES YES YES
Solar Wires ( UV Protected) YES YES YES YES YES
Arry Juntion Box     YES YES YES
Earthing Protection       YES YES
Trasportation YES YES YES YES YES
Installation and Commissiong YES YES YES YES YES
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