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Solar Water Heater

Evacuated Tube Collector is made of double layer borosilicate glass tubes evacuated for providing insulation. The outer wall of the inner tube is coated with selective absorbing material. This helps absorption of solar radiation and transfers the heat to the water which flows through the inner tube.


When comparing peak efficiency levels it may seem that there is little difference between flat plate andevacuated tubes, in fact flat plate may actually be higher, but this is during minimal heat loss conditions.When averaged over a year evacuated tube collector have a clear advantage. The key points are:

  • 1) Due to the cylindrical shape of the evacuated tube, the solar tubes are able to passively track the sun throughout the day. Flat plate collector only provides peak energy output at midday when the sun is perpendicular to the collector's surface.
  • 2) Air is evacuated from the solar tube to form a vacuum. This greatly reduces conductive and convective heat loss from the interior of the tube. As a result wind and cold temperatures have less effect on the efficiency of the evacuated tube collector.
  • 3) solar collectors can often be used in subzero temperatures without the system sustaining damage. Flat plate systems often require expensive and complicated "antifreeze" systems to be installed.
  • 4) Evacuated tubes are strong, long lasting, and should one be broken, inexpensive and easy to replace.If a flat plate collector panel is damaged the whole panel must be replaced.
  • 5) Due to the high efficiency absorption of solar radiation even during overcast conditions, combined with excellent insulative properties of the solar tube, solar tube collectors can heat water all year round .


  • Suitable for domestic(Home)applications available in different capacities
  • Stainless Steel Tig Welded Inner Tank
  • Superior Quality PUF Insulation
  • Pure Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Outer Cladding
  • MNRE Approved Collector Design
  • Three Target Selectively Coated Borosilicate
  • Pure Polyester Powder Coated Stands & Support
  • Indirect heating- Heat Exchanger type and Preasurised application systems are also availabl

Technical Specification

Capacity of Tanks : 100 LPD
Material : Stainless Steel /GRP/Boiler grade steel.
Type : Cylindrical – horizontally assembled.
Size : Ø460, Length 1000.
Insulation : P U F.40-50mm.
Outer Cladding : Pre coated galvanized Steel/Aluminum.
Outer Finishing : Pure Polyester Powder Coating finish.
Outer Finish Color : Golden Yellow & Black combination.
Back up Heater : 2 KW With thermostat control 230V AC.
Tank Supports : Fabricated Stainless steel.
Tank Testing : Factory pressure tested for normal systems is at 1 Kg/cm².
Normal Working pressure of the system : Less than 0.3 Kg/cm².
Number of Tubes : 14 No’s
Evacuated Tube Dimensions : Outer Diameter - 47± 0.7.mm, Inner Diameter- 37±0.7.mm
Total Tube length : 1500.±5mm.
Type of tube selective coating : Graded Al-N with Copper under Coating
Configuration of Glass Tubes : Two Concentric Borosilicate Glass Tubes.
Solar absorbance : >0.93.
Solar Emmitance. (at 80°C) : <0.06.
Evacuation between Outer & Inner Tubes : 5 X 10-3 Pa.
Rated Pressure : 0.1. Mpa. (1.Kg/Cm²)
Stagnation Temperature : <300°C
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